About us

The Locksmith's came into existence during 1991 in Brno , initially as a private locksmith shop, backed up by a long family tradition in metalworking. It is specialised in the manufacture of mechanical security devices. Since 1998 the manufacture has expanded as another plant in Viničné Šumice was acquired. At the end of 2003 the whole manufacture moved to this new manufacturing plant.

In January 2012, due to organizational reasons transformed into KOPECEK company Ltd.


KOPECEK company s.r.o.
Vinicne Sumice Nr. 393
CZ - 664 06 Brno-venkov
telefon: + 420 544 250 716
fax: + 420 544 250 007
IČO: 29299829
Společnost zapsána v OR, Krajský soud v Brně, oddíl C, vložka 72399.