Other products

Gates, Fences

  • As further items of our range we offer the manufacture and installation of steel gates and fence sections.
  • Execution of individual panels can be designed and implemented subject to individual customer requirements (according to the architect's proposal), using some of our model patterns or fencing panel.
  • Gates can be manually actuated or can use an electric drive (self-supporting, opening on hinges, traversable along rail), double-wing symmetrical or double-wing gate with asymmetrical wings.
  • The surface appearance can be finished using stoving paint (komaxit resin). We are pleased to offer the option of gate zinc galvanising to extend its lifetime.

SPECIAL OFFER - custom-made

  • workable replicas of the historical cannons - http://www.cannons.cz/
  • imitation of the historical doors and gates
  • iron-plate smoking chamber "Choo-choo"